Configure home view

The home view in Zulip is the view you reach after logging in to the Zulip web app. You can also navigate to the home view via keyboard shortcuts.

The home views available in Zulip are Inbox, Recent conversations, and All messages. See Reading strategies for recommendations on how to use these views.

You can configure which view is set as your home view, and whether the Esc key navigates to the home view. Also, you can always reach the home view by using the Ctrl + [ shortcut.

Change home view

Organization administrators can configure the home view for their organization to Inbox, Recent conversations, or All messages.

  • The Inbox view works best if you regularly clear all unread messages in streams you follow.

  • Recent conversations works well for getting an overview of recent activity.

  • All messages is convenient for low-traffic organizations, or for skimming messages as they come in.

You can customize your personal home view regardless of organization settings:

  1. Go to Preferences.

  2. Under Advanced, click on the Home view dropdown and select a view.

  3. To see your changes in action, open a new Zulip tab, or use a keyboard shortcut twice to exit the settings and navigate to your home view (Ctrl + [ or Esc if enabled).

You can also hover over your desired home view in the left sidebar, and choose the option to make it your home view in the ellipsis () menu.

Configure whether Esc navigates to the home view

Zulip has a number of keyboard shortcuts designed to enhance the user experience in the app.

By default, the Esc key shortcut will ultimately navigate to your home view. You can disable this key binding if you would prefer. This will not disable other Esc key shortcuts used in Zulip, and will not affect the behavior of the Ctrl + [ shortcut.

Toggle whether Esc navigates to the home view

  1. Go to Preferences.

  2. Under Advanced, toggle Escape key navigates to home view, as desired.